5 Beautiful Spots To Elope In Indiana

By The Sanctuary On Penn

If you’re considering the option to elope in Indiana, you’ve come to the right place and we are here to help with all of your elopement needs. 

There are countless reasons to consider eloping over a traditional, grand wedding at some fancy cathedral or something and we’re sure you can guess some of them. 

Just in case you’re drawing a blank, here are a few of our own to start off your list and, even though we love our beautiful state, these are not necessarily particular to Indiana.

So they should help you get your brain storming no matter which state or country you’re in!

Of course, we hope that you will choose to elope in Indiana (especially if you choose to do it with us!), but the location is really up to you.

It’s your relationship after all, so the best thing to do is what you believe is right.

elope in indiana
  1. Avoid The Hassle Of Wedding Planning.

This alone is reason enough to be honest.  

A lot of people dream of their wedding day being perfect. 

They spend months, sometimes even years, planning every last detail. 

But what if you could avoid all of that hassle by eloping?

Eloping is a great way to have a unique and personal wedding without all the stress that comes with traditional weddings. 

You can plan everything yourself, or you can use one of the many elopement packages available (like the ones that we offer!).

elope in indiana budget
  1. Enjoy A Ceremony That’s Truly Dedicated To You, Your Spouse, And Your Love. 

Eloping allows you to focus on what is truly important to you as a couple and celebrate your love in a way that is unique to you. 

Eloping also allows you to create a ceremony that is entirely personalized to your relationship and your values. 

When it comes to celebrating your love, there is no right or wrong way to do it, but you probably want to make it personal. 

Additionally, eloping can be a more intimate and budget-friendly option than a traditional wedding. 

Whether you elope in your hometown or travel to an exotic location (Indiana! XD), there are endless ways to make your elopement special and memorable.

What matters most is that you find a way to express your love in a way that is unique to you and your partner. 

Also, if you choose somewhere close rather than somewhere exotic, you can use the money you save to make the exotic locale your honeymoon destination just for the two of you. 😉

elope in indiana
  1. Be More Relaxed About The Whole Thing

Eloping is typically more relaxing than having a big wedding. 

You don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone and you can just focus on each other. 

Plus, it’s usually cheaper and less stressful than a traditional big wedding as we’ve already mentioned.

Just look at this sweet kittie.

Don’t you want to feel that relaxed?

elope in indiana kittie

Now, going back to our beloved state of Indiana….

The Crossroads of America!

The state of Indiana has so many wonderful venues where you can hold your ‘I do’s’ that range from rustic to vintage to historic. 

From open plains to lush gardens and lake shores, we’ve got everything but the Rockies here in Indiana and you can save that cozy cabin in the Rockies for your honeymoon.

You really can’t go wrong with a classic Indiana elopement. 

The state is home to some of the most iconic venues in the country, from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the State House Rotunda.

Indiana is also home to some of the best vendors in the business. 

From caterers to florists to photographers, you’ll be able to find everything you need to make your big day perfect.

And if you’re looking for a unique setting for your elopement, Indiana has plenty to offer, from beautiful barns to scenic lakesides. 

Whether you want a traditional or a one-of-a-kind elopement, Indiana is the perfect place to tie the knot.

We’re here to sell you on our state and that’s what we intend to do!

So, without further ado, here are 5 beautiful spots to elope in Indiana. 

elope in indiana crossroads
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Sanctuary on Penn

Let’s start with an in-house recommendation on where to elope in Indiana. 

Sanctuary on Penn is a unique wedding chapel with a vintage feel perfect for events of all sizes. 

We’re located in downtown Indianapolis, the capital and largest city of the Crossroads of America (also affectionately known as the “Railroad City”). 

Sanctuary on Penn offers a wide variety of different services, but which ones you choose is entirely up to you and we’re all about making sure that your big day is the best it can be, so there’s no pressure. 

We also have several different rooms where you can choose to have your ceremony. 

With us, you get a gorgeous chapel, an urban location, and an intimate feel all in one elopement package! 

Obviously, Sanctuary on Penn is going to be our top pick on this list but you probably already guessed that.

Now let’s throw a bone to some of our friendly neighbors here in the Hoosier State. 🙂

elope in indiana sanctuary

Garden Chapel

Travel to Greenfield Indiana to elope at the stunning Garden Chapel! 

This historic venue has been around since the late 19th century and has hosted over 70 weddings in the last 20 years. 

The Garden Chapel is straight out of a fairytale with its sparkling white exterior, high ceilings, and stained glass windows. 

Depending on whether you want guests at the elopement, the Chapel can hold up to 150 guests (but if it’s just the two of you, don’t even worry about it!).

If you’re looking for a simple, intimate and elegant venue, The Garden Chapel is a great place to elope in Indiana.  

Monument Circle

Elope in the heart of Indianapolis in Monument Circle

You can have an iconic and historic part of the city as your backdrop and a lively urban venue all in one. 

In a way, the city of Indianapolis itself will be a guest at your elopement. 

You can get married outside if the weather permits, but if not, Marry Me In Indy! has an office that looks right over the Monument and holds up to eight guests. 

elope in indiana monument

Brickley’s Wedding Chapel 

Brickley’s Wedding Chapel is a cozy woodland venue that promises “the simplest way to get married”. 

The Chapel actually came to be as a way to honor the owner’s husband who tragically passed away shortly after they married, so its walls are truly brimming with love. 

Holding up to 20 guests, Brickley’s Wedding Chapel is ideal for smaller ceremonies (and perfect for an elopement). 

It has several vendor partnerships, custom decor and event coordination, so all you really need to do at your ceremony is show up.

Indiana State House 

Finally, if you’re looking to elope in Indiana, why not look into one of the state’s grandest buildings?

The absolutely beautiful interior makes for the perfect wedding backdrop, and you have a great view of Monument Circle. 

Luckily for you, the elopement process at the Indiana State House is remarkably easy. 

You are not required to have a formal reservation, and the short-and-sweet ceremony lasts 10 minutes. 

Guests are allowed, but they will be standing up so be sure to factor that into your plans. 

elope in indiana state house

The Wrap Up

As you can see, you have several great options to choose from, and you can even invite a few guests to serve as witnesses! 

Ultimately, your day is your day, and you and your spouse’s voices are the ones that matter most. 

You and your spouse have probably been talking about this day for months, if not years. 

You’ve both put a lot of thought into every detail, from the guest list to the menu to the music. 

Ultimately, though, it’s your day. 

Your voices are the ones that matter most.

So make sure you find an elopement venue that honors your vision and makes all your dream elopement a reality. 

Of course, you want your guests to enjoy themselves. 

But at the end of the day, it’s still your day. 

You should do what feels right for you and your spouse. 

If you want to skip the traditional wedding cake and go for something more unique, do it! 

If you want to ditch the formal dress code and let your guests wear whatever they’re comfortable in, go for it! 

It’s your day, and you should make sure it reflects you and your spouse’s personalities.