Weddings - Discounts

Weddings at the Sanctuary on Penn

In addition to listing these huge discounts, below we'll discuss if making these choices are right for you.

Friday wedding: $7,000 less than Saturday minimums

Sunday wedding: $10,000 less than Saturday minimums

Weekday wedding: NO minimums

January or February wedding: 50% off all minimums (including Friday and Sunday discounts)

December or March wedding: 25% off all minimums (including Friday and Sunday discounts)

Choose an available wedding date within 6 months or less from time of booking: 50% off all minimums (including Friday and Sunday discounts)

Choose an available wedding date within 3 months or less from time of booking: NO MINIMUMS

We know that everyone has a budget. It's our goal not to make you spend more money than you have, but to get you the most value for whatever amount you have to spend. One of the best ways to maximize your savings is to be flexible with your wedding date.

...but what does it mean to you if you don't choose a distant Saturday in the Spring, Summer, or Fall? Let's talk about it.

First of all, why do people pick Saturdays? What happens if you choose a Friday or a Sunday? Saturdays are often chosen for a combination of atmosphere and convenience, but are not always a necessity.

Friday weddings tend to be a little bit more lively. They traditionally have later starts and you get a full weekend to recover instead of just a Sunday. For those who want a real party, this is often a good choice.

Sundays tend to be more laid back and conversational. We find that smaller groups with very close friends or tightly knit families can often find what they're looking for in a Sunday wedding.

The first question is this: Do most of my guests live in Indiana? If the answer is no, having a large number of out of town guests can often become complicated with coordinating flights and work schedules and may steer you toward choosing a Saturday. If the answer is yes, you may find that a Friday or Sunday wedding can work out very well for you.

Now lets talk about a Winter wedding.

The idea of a perfect wedding day is often all-encompassing. You want EVERYTHING to be perfect. The decorations, the guests, the music, and the weather. But how much does the weather really matter when you're indoors?

We have seen some beautiful wintertime themes in weddings at The Sanctuary, and the atmosphere can be quite magical. We understand the idea of wanting a nice day outside, but is it really that important? Think about it for a day or two, and you'll know the answer for yourself.

...and as for planning a last minute wedding on purpose?

The common thinking is that weddings are tremendously complicated to plan, organize, and execute. While this may be true, professionals who make a living organizing and putting on weddings (like us) can do it seamlessly and efficiently with very, very little time.

Both by accident (military deployment) and on purpose, ("we feel like getting married in 3 months") we have planned many last minute weddings - one in as few as 8 days. By our standards, they were just as wonderful and elaborate as all of the rest of our events. If you meet these criteria, we highly recommend exploring this option for major, major savings:

  • Flexible on your wedding date
  • Not prone to panic
  • Do not need to stretch monthly payments over a long period of time

Hopefully reading this has been helpful, and we encourage you to call or email with more questions or if you would like to take a tour!